Veteran Technology Education Courses with Gr8ttek

Transition from a Military Veteran to a Career in Tech skills with Gr8ttek  for Veterans!

Veterans have a chance to change not only their lives but their families’ lives for the better. In just a few months, veterans can be trained and in a career that’s in high demand and growing every day.

Gr8ttek offer very high-demand skills certification courses like Dell Certified Technician, Hewlett Packard Certified Technician, IBM/ Lenovo Certified Technician, CompTIA A+ Hardware Technician etc.

VET TEC is made to focus specifically on the result: whether or not the veteran gets a good job doing the thing for which they trained.

VETTEC Program Courses with Gr8ttek

Our nation’s Veterans are true heroes who have sacrificed so much for our way of life and freedom.Gr8ttek understands the leadership training, experience, reliability and discipline that it takes to serve our country. These skills also make our Veterans a unique source of talent for hundreds of thousands of unfilled tech jobs. We want to ensure the men and women who served get the training they deserve for the jobs they want.

How do you know if VET TEC is a good option for you?

Please review all the questions below to get yourself a better idea

1. Are you a military veteran?

If you are a military veteran & have served the country, then you can avail this great opportunity from VETTEC.

2. Are you eligible for the GI Bill ®?

You should be eligible for the GI Bill ® and should be fulfilling all the requirements for the VETTEC program to avail this great opportunity.

3. Do you still have any GI Bill ® benefits time remaining?

You should have some benefits time remaining for your GI Bill ® program to avail the VETTEC program benefits.

4. Are you seeking a new career?

You are seeking a new career in the field of technology and want to learn high-demand skills in the field of computer science.

5. Are you interested in working in technology?

You want to explore the world of leading high-demand technologies that are the future of our modern era.

6. You are willing to get the education & employment

You should be willing to do what it takes to get the right high-demanding skills education and get yourself employed.

Course Outline

We are offering a great curriculum for some high demanding skills for your career

Period 1 – General Practices – Orientation/ Safety
Communicate a working understanding of the goals, mission, and vision Hours  4
Communicate a working understanding of the organization’s structure, personnel rules, and individual responsibilities Hours  4
Demonstrate a positive work ethic, interpersonal communication skills, and understanding of related policies Hours 4
Understand and practice Safety procedures and rules at all times Hours  8
 Subtotal hours for Period 1 Hours  20
Period 2 – Dell Certified Technician

Course Objectives:

By the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • Understand Dell History and Brand values
  • Demonstrate General Safety
  • Precautions and Best Practices
  • Explain Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)
  • Identify Dead on Arrival (DOA) issue
  • Identify Customer Induced Damage (CID) symptoms
  • Explain Global Service Call Essentials and On-Site Diagnosis (OSD)
  • Recall the disassembly and reassembly and specific need-to-know procedures for each desktop
  • List all the Recommended tools required for effective service
Dell EMC Service Basics 2017 (Cert ID: 3237)  Hours  8 
DCSE 1000 Client Foundations 2017 (Cert ID: 3236)   Hours  6
DCSE 1000 Client Q3 Assessment 2017 (Cert ID 3240)   Hours  6
DCSE 1000 Enterprise Foundations 2017 (Cert 3226)  Hours  6
DCSE 2000 Storage 2015 (Cert ID: 3208)  Hours  6 
Dell Lab   Hours  8
Subtotal hours for Period 2 Hours  40
Period 3 – Hewlett Packard Certified Technician

Course Objectives:

By the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • Service HP Commercial Desktops, Workstations, and Notebooks
  • Perform remedial maintenance necessary to restore commercial hardware to operational levels
  • Service HP products, understanding the service considerations of HP technologies used
  • Utilize various diagnostics tools to perform product troubleshooting
  • Discuss common repair and replacement procedures, as well as specific considerations for desktops, workstations, and notebooks
  • Utilize various HP resources and documentation
  • Service other HP commercial products
HP Technical Certified I – Workstations [2013]

  • HP2-H31 – Technical Essentials of HP Workstations 
  • HP2-H24 – Technical Essentials of HP Workstations  
Hours  8 
Z620 Workstation Product Training 
HP2-H24 – Technical Essentials of HP Workstations Exam(s) 

  • HP2-H31 – Technical Essentials of HP Workstations
  • Z420 Workstation Product Training  
Hours  6
HP Technical Certified I – Workstations [2013] Exam(s) 

  • HP2-H31 – Technical Essentials of HP Workstations 
  • HP2-H24 – Technical Essentials of HP Workstations  
Hours  6
Z1 Workstation Product Training HP Technical Certified I – Workstations [2013] Exam(s) 

  • HP2-H31 – Technical Essentials of HP Workstations 
  • HP2-H24 – Technical Essentials of HP Workstations
Hours  6
Z230 Workstation Product Training, Rev. 13.41 
Technical Essentials of HP Z Workstations, Rev. 14.11 Exam(s) 

  • HP2-H31 – Technical Essentials of HP Workstations
Hours  6 
Subtotal hours for Period 3 Hours  40
Period 4 – IBM/ Lenovo Certified Technician

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Discuss Lenovo’s global footprint
  • Describe Lenovo’s social responsibilities wherever they conduct business
  • Explain Lenovo’s branding, and identify Lenovo’s pioneering initiatives in the industry
  • Describe the warranty claim process for Lenovo Business Partners applying to become Authorized Warranty Service Providers
  • Technicians and Profile Administrators are required to take this course and successfully complete the final test
  • Understand the Authorization Process, Standard Operating Procedures
  • Understand Lenovo Warranties
  • Utilize the education and Lenovo support resources available for service technicians
  • Understand & refer customer resources available
    (Lenovo Resources is a core course of study for the Warranty Service Authorization Exam)
  • Pass the Authorization Exam for authorized warranty service providers and field service engineers
RMIntro Introduction & Soft Skills: 1 
Who is Lenovo? RWSW100 45
6 Hours 
RMService Lenovo Service:
Lenovo Service (SOP/Warranties CORE MODULE RWSW200 45 
Lenovo Resources (Tools/Websites) CORE MODULE RWSW202 90
16 Hours
Authorization Exam:
Warranty Service Authorization Exam RWST016
6 Hours
IBM Logistics Process Exam IBM LOGT 6 Hours
IBM/ Lenovo Lab 6 Hours
Subtotal hours for Period 4 40 Hours
Period 5 – CompTIA A+ Hardware Technician

In this course, you will learn to install, configure, optimize, troubleshoot, repair, upgrade, and perform preventive maintenance on personal computers, digital devices, and operating systems. By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify the hardware components of personal computers and mobile digital devices
  • Identify the basic components and functions of operating systems
  • Identify networking and security fundamentals
  • Identify the operational procedures that should be followed by professional PC technicians
  • Install, configure, and troubleshoot display devices
  • Install and configure peripheral components
  • Manage system components
  • Manage data storage
  • Install and configure Microsoft Windows
  • Optimize and maintain Microsoft Windows
  • Work with other operating systems
  • Identify the hardware and software requirements for client environment configurations
  • Identify network technologies
    Install and configure networking capabilities
  • Support mobile digital devices
  • Support printers and multifunction devices
  • Identify security threats, vulnerabilities, and controls
  • Implement security controls.
  • Troubleshoot system-wide issues
CompTIA A+ 220-901 
covers the fundamentals of computer technology, installation and configuration of PCs, laptops and related hardware, and basic networking
16 Hours 
CompTIA A+ 220-902
covers the skills required to install and configure PC operating systems, as well as configuring common features (e.g. network connectivity and email) for mobile operating systems Android and Apple iOS  
Lenovo Resources (Tools/Websites) CORE MODULE RWSW202 90
16 Hours
Passing the certification exams for CompTIA Network + 8 Hours
Subtotal hours for Period 5 40 Hours
Period 6 Dell/ HP Printer and Server Certification

Course Description:
The new DCSE Foundations certification process provides technicians with the core and advanced courseware to deliver top-quality service in the field. The base DCSE 1000 Client
Foundations course covers core subjects such as Client
Fundamentals, Service Call Essentials, Diagnostics &
Troubleshooting, ESD, etc. Upon completing the base DCSE 1000 Client Foundations courses, the DCSE 2000 advanced courses are available.

ID3212 / DCSE 2000 Printers 2016 (Cert ID: 3212) ID3224 / DCSE 2000 Printer Q3 Assessment 2016 (Cert ID: 3224)
6 Hours 
00336283 / Imaging and Printing Fundamentals – Color Fundamentals 00339107 / HP LaserJet MFP Fundamentals 00343658 / Imaging and Printing Fundamentals Master Course Rev 11_3
Lenovo Resources (Tools/Websites) CORE MODULE RWSW202 90
6 Hours
Dell and HP Printer Lab 8  Hours
Subtotal hours for Period 6 20 Hours
Total Related Instruction (front-loaded) 200 Hour


Success Stories

Our grads have gone on to work in cyber security, intelligence, and roles protecting critical infrastructure, as well as many other firms – startups and big companies alike – where his expertise means landing a career, not just a job.

“Even though I had no experience, I started looking at careers that would be in demand in the future. I went through Gr8ttek and got a job shortly after graduating”
Beau Brockett

Not being able to spend time with my family, missing out on my son’s sports, birthdays, holidays, etc. was stressful and took its toll on me. I knew there was a better way.Gr8ttek fulfils it


“Now, I am really happy with my job. My life is mostly stress-free – no nights, holidays or weekend work … work-life balance is real. I enjoy time with my son, and I am more involved with him than ever.”
Peter Henry

Veteran FAQ

What are the top degree programs for military and veteran students?
Although choosing the right degree program depends on your unique goals, there are military-friendly pathways. Those pursuing a bachelor’s may consider psychology, criminal justice, or even a customizable degree like applied studies. Popular grad programs include our MBA or master’s in leadership, which gr8ttek is specifically designed to transfer in military training.
How do I apply for benefits?
The first step in applying for benefits is to complete the application process on the Education and Training and Benefits websites, and state that you intend on attending gr8ttek.
I’ve always wanted to study abroad. Could I use my benefits to study abroad through gr8ttek
Yes, that is possible. Please note there might be out-of-pocket fees required to be paid (i.e. airfare, application fees, etc.). The BAH would continue per usual and the tuition would be covered just like you were stateside.
What if I want to make a change to my schedule?
Any changes made to your schedule (ex. dropped, canceled, withdrawn courses) could potentially cause you to be responsible for repaying all or a portion of any money you received back to the VA. Prior to making any schedule changes, it is important that you contact a Student Finance Specialist at (link sends e-mail) for further information
Are there grade requirements for my VA education benefits?
All students using Federal VA education benefits are required to maintain a minimum 2.0 term grade point average and complete 67% of their attempted credits each term in order to maintain eligibility for Federal VA education benefits. View our Federal VA Education Benefit Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for more information.