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Virtual Academy Tour

1:00 pm-2:30 pm (Online)

Members would also walk away with a range of projects showcasing their data science acumen to prospective employers. Check out the many training courses in this catalog offered by the technical training programs


In-Person Academy Tour

5:00 pm-7:00 pm (Main Campus)

Tour of the Main Campus, with new college alumnus who has just worked in the different industries


Gre8ttek Resources Discussion

3:00 pm-4:00 pm (Online)

During the course, you will get a complete understanding of the entire tech process from end to end, plus data prep, data analysis, and visualization, in addition to how to appropriately apply “machine learning algorithms” to various circumstances or projects. 


Frequently Asked

Is a job with the organization ensured subsequent to finishing an apprenticeship?

No. Tech apprenticeship programs seldom ensure work after consummation. By and by, many coding apprenticeship programs transform understudies into representatives. Experts who complete the program, who show guarantee and development, and who fit in with the way of life of the association ordinarily have a decent possibility of handling a full-time position.

Are tech apprenticeships basically presented in urban communities that are tech center points?

Indeed. Tech apprenticeships are fundamentally presented in tech centers where most tech organization central command and tasks are found. Be that as it may, as organizations venture into different urban communities across the globe, they are beginning to offer tech apprenticeship programs in more assorted areas.

Do I need to remain at the organization I work at during the preparation time frame?

You are not needed to remain with your organization after the apprenticeship however over 90% of our alumni do. In the event that you wish to meet somewhere else, we will set up interviews for you. We have practically 100 percent achievement rate with those that finish our program. The not many that don’t remain with the organization they initially joined for the most part have a few offers arranged before they even completion.

What is the cost?

Following are the duration and fees for the members who join us if they want a part-time plan and if they to join for a full-time plan respectively.



                                 28 weeks




                                  14 weeks

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