Building a community of lifelong learners!


Building a community of lifelong learners!

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We at Gr8ttek has grown really, really rapidly, and we wanted to attract the best talent, and cast our net as wide as possible. We make Tech accessible to as many people as possible, we base our training on a plan that encompasses both internal employees and external partners. Regardless of who you are, this course will teach you how to use tried-and-true employee engagement and motivating techniques to bring out the best in you. Effective technical training is essential to offers members with a joint understanding of the guidelines, advances in science, and technology, therefore this course covers the skills you’ll need to create a thriving organization.

Veteran Technology Education Course

VET TEC is a government program to fund veteran job training in the technology field. It’s an alternative to the Post-9/11 GI Bill ®, with a focus to get veterans into flexible, in-demand, high-paying careers in things like software coding and information security.

The Post-9/11 GI Bill ® program for veterans is intended to grant enough benefits to finish a traditional college degree, or any program shorter than that. While the expectation is that the GI Bill ® education and retraining would be used to start a new career, the VA believes VET TEC might be a better path to that end for some veterans.

We’re Hiring New Academy
Instructors All Year Long

If you just recently graduated from a military school or want to switch your current position for a work
at our academy, get in touch with us!

Why We Stand Out?

We are foremost experts in offering technical training to our members, whether they are veterans looking to learn technology or simply employees with zeal looking to advance their technical skills. Gr8ttek technical expertise gives members a scientific breakthrough, common awareness of principles, and technological developments, as well as how to make proper use of them.


On par with that, each of them specializes in either of the general education classes like science, math or Literature, that we do
teach here to our young cadets!

Traci Dewilde

Traci is a technical executive with over 20 years of experience creating and managing in the Public Sector Healthcare, Hospitality, Retail, Manufacturing, Finance, Distribution, and logistics industries. Effective Leader with a history of rehabilitating stagnant markets by developing exceptional marketing plans and training opportunities.

Lanny Morrow

serves as COO of RKS and is a co-founder of the company Lanny has held leadership roles in numerous high-performance IT sales and recruiting teams where he established a reputation for being a team player and delivering results. He has also been at the forefront of developing and launching a wide range of successful products.

Request Consultation

Before starting an admission process, get in touch with our Academy’s instructors to get a prior consultation for all matters of it!






How real people said about gr8ttek.

Gr8ttek group was beyond useful with getting some work in tech for me. I’m always thankful for gr8ttek’s help and consistent correspondence all through my pursuit of employment. Presently I’m at an organization whose air isn’t just wonderful however an ideal spot to develop higher than ever. 

David Fahim

I applied to Gr8ttek’s business apprenticeship program and they guided me to find the ideal passage-level SaaS deals position inside about fourteen days. They kept on tutoring me the whole way with accommodating instructing, backing, and along these lines, I had the option to change quickly into a full-time position at our developing organization. I sincerely wouldn’t have any desire to work elsewhere. Much obliged to you Gr8ttek!


 Gr8ttek was an incredible asset for me to progress into the business. At the point when you have an incredible group to help you, it’s not hard to come in to crush. It’s anything but confidential, assuming that you buckle down you succeed. After they give you every one of the assets and help you want, it’s on you to make it worth the effort.

Peter Packer

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